Everyday after the morning aarthi (Kakad Aarthi), Abhishek  
is performed for our SAI.

Devotees who are interested to offer new var-daan (offer of
garments) for SAI are most welcome to do so.


Please follow the process below:
  1. Check with Panditji for the availability of the desired
    date when one want to offer the garments
  2. Block the dates
  3. Purchase the garments as prescribed below and
    handover to the pandit at least one week before the
    actual date
  4. Optional - Purchase of Garland, loose flowers,

Note:  After the Abhishekam, the Sai Ashtotram will be
recited and Chooti Aarti wil be done for SAI and this is the
only archana done to SAI.

Baba’s Var-daan for offering

  1. Head Kafni (orange cotton cloth) - 1.25metres
  2. Inside white cloth - 2.5meters
  3. Top cloth ( Any colour & design as per your wish) -
  4. Shawl (neck) - 2meters
  5. Cloth ( to cover the stool for Baba’s Padukas) -
  6. Towels
  1. Bath towel
  2. Face towel        


All materials 1-5 must be 40 inches in width
Offering should not be in black colour
Please get the edges of materials sewed
Shirdi Sai Baba Centre (Singapore)