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was firm and steady inside. Sometimes he spoke in parables, and at other times indulged
in wit and humour. He also got angry with devotees but this was always to correct their ways
and was always a blessing in disguise. Even when angry, he was internally a stream of
affection and love for his devotees. Baba was an epitome of compassion.

Using simple stories and clothing great truths in simple parables as did Jesus Christ,
Baba was able to create a pyramid of perceptions in the listener – his words were always
pregnant with meaning and never hollow. He gave varied instructions to many, according to
their requirements, in both worldly and spiritual matters and used different methods to
instruct devotees. However, he did not like arguments or discussion. His grace brought on
a magnetic power of attraction which drew a devotees mind in the desired direction.

Devotees have had spiritual experiences with him in all three states of consciousness – in
the waking, dream and sleep states. A devotee to whom Baba is appearing in dreams is
very fortunate and this will lead to good (Baba said, ‘He who loves me most always sees
me’). Whatever is stated in the dream is the truth - his word was never broken, his
promises were always kept and there is no exception to this. Baba’s ways are inscrutable
and to devotees that have his grace, he is always with them, monitoring every action and
reaction, correcting them like a mother corrects her child. If you have his grace, you will
know it – your mind will automatically become peaceful by just taking his name. Baba can
come to us in dreams, in the form of himself or of any Sadhu (Holy man), or in the form of
his picture (you will feel that it is alive) - these are all clear indications of his grace.

In 1886 AD, in  a well recorded incident, Baba’s soul left his body for three full days. In this
period, both his breathing and his pulse stopped, after which he came back to life. Baba
had all the eight Siddhis (spiritual powers) at his command. For example, he had complete
control over nature and elements and is known to have cured many incurable diseases by
his touch and mere glance. He had a spontaneous knowledge of diverse religious
scriptures and languages. He never practiced nor craved for these Siddhis; they came to
him naturally, as a result of his perfection.

Eleven Assurances of Baba

Whosoever puts their feet on Shirdi soil, their sufferings will come to an end.
The wretched and miserable would rise into plenty of joy and happiness, as soon
as they climb the steps of my Samadhi (Mandir).  
Whatever you do, wherever you may be, ever bear this in mind that I am always
aware of everything you do.
He who meditates upon me, chants my name (“Sai Sai”) and sings about my deeds,
I will increase his devotion, he is transformed and his karma is destroyed. I stay by
his side always. If my Leelas (stories of Baba’s life) are written, the spiritual illusion
will vanish.
I am the slave of my devotee. I love devotion. He who loves me most always sees
me. He who withdraws his heart from the world and loves me is my true lover and
he merges in me like a river in the sea. I am dependent on him, who thinks of me
and eats nothing without offering to me, such a devotee will merge with me.
If you make me the sole object of your thoughts and aims you will gain Paramatma
If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.
If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.
There will be no dearth of food or clothing in my devotees home.
I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb. My tomb shall bless and speak to
the needs of my devotees. Even after my Maha Samadhi, I shall be with you the
moment you think of me.
If you look to me, I look to you.

Baba's Path of Devotion

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Sai Baba Cave (place where Baba became Qutub e-Irshad, the head of the five Perfect Masters of the age)
About Baba

Baba was a celibate saint who lived by the begging
bowl. He constantly remembered God and enjoyed
happiness in solitude. The most important thing in
his divine personality that attracted all, was the light in
his eyes. The divine Bliss of becoming one with God
emerged through his eyes. These two lustrous
objects in his body were the source of inspiration,
care, mercy and ‘Mukti’ (illumination) for all those who
surrendered to him. Baba saw no difference in caste
or people.

Baba disliked honour (social status) which to him
was only a need of the ego. Baba would accept any
small thing offered with love and devotion but if the
same was offered with pride, he would reject it. Baba
said, ‘If you want anything, beg of the Lord, leave
worldly honour’. He himself was very humble.

Baba looked fickle and restless from outside but he
Meditate upon me, chant my name and
sing my deeds. Your devotion will
increase and karma destroyed.